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New for 2010: Blakeney Motorsport Trophy


We seem to be seeing more and more family members pairing up for our two-driver races, especially ‘two-generation’ entries – father and son, father and daughter, uncle and niece, and so on. 

We’ve even seen grandfather and grandson teaming up; and we’d like to see more of it. So, to encourage this growing trend, 2010 will see the launch of a brand-new trophy. It will be awarded to the driver pairing, representing two generations of the same family, which in our opinion best exemplifies the spirit of historic racing – a combination of on-track success, exemplary driving, enthusiastic participation and genuine, period machinery. 

Sponsored by Blakeney Motorsport, the new ‘Blakeney Motorsport Trophy’ will be awarded annually and is open to participants across all three of our race series: the Royal Automobile Club Woodcote Trophy, Stirling Moss Trophy, and Motor Racing Legends Pre-War Sports Car Series. What better reason could there be to team up with your nearest and dearest?

It’s clearly time to kick out that professional hot-shoe you were planning to hire and get granddad back on track. Or maybe your uncle, niece, stepson, daughter, great-aunt… simply look through your Christmas card list and get on the ’phone to long-lost relatives. Or you could just ask dad again.