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Motor Racing Legends Joins the Historic & Classic Vehicles Alliance

The Historic & Classic Vehicles Alliance was launched in May of this year by a team of classic car industry leaders and enthusiasts who share a common concern that if we don’t act swiftly, the historic vehicle movement that we all love could be swept away by legislation – intended or accidental. There are existing groups fighting our corner, but a louder voice is needed now and the HCVA has already shown by the nationwide – and worldwide – publicity around its launch that it can and will be heard far more widely than before.

We believe passionately in this cause and so Motor Racing Legends is proud to have joined the HCVA. Moreover, we earnestly encourage you to do the same: the more of us who recognise the threats we now face, the more effective our voice will be in ensuring that our industry and hobby is not swept aside now or in years to come.

Why is this needed?
This year, the unintended consequences of Brexit, in the midst of emerging from the pandemic that has hit the economy hard, include substantial extra financial and bureaucratic costs in taking cars to Europe and in bringing cars to UK from Europe – hitting the motor racing fraternity especially hard. HCVA is campaigning to simplify the bureaucracy and cut costs.

Environmental campaigning has, deliberately or accidentally, changed public perceptions of historic vehicles – people who once loved to see them are now concerned only about their emissions. HCVA is pledged to change public perceptions by destroying the myths and misconceptions, stressing the sustainable nature of restoration and preservation, the tiny level of emissions involved (a typical classic’s annual mileage produces 20% of the emissions of using a mobile phone and a computer for a year) and the potential for the industry to go completely ‘green’ with bio fuel development.

As well as ignoring the environmental impact of manufacture, the frantic rush to electric vehicles threatens the classic vehicle movement as legislation piles on legislation forcing reluctant car buyers to go electric. The HCVA will engage government and legislators to ensure that they do not inadvertently wipe classic cars off our streets, arbitrarily limit us in where and how far we can go, or crush all younger classics.

The historic vehicle industry is worth £18bn to the country and employs well over 100,000 skilled people. It’s vital for this industry and these people to be protected by an effective campaigning force. The HCVA has a strict code of conduct for members that will also help all to achieve the highest standards.

What can we do?
Go to to learn more about the Alliance and JOIN UP!  Serious players across the industry are flocking to the cause, and so are individuals from the UK’s top collectors to single car owners: even an 18-year old with a Morris Minor has joined because he wants to continue enjoying the car he loves.

The Historic & Classic Vehicles Alliance Ltd is a non-profit campaigning organisation, based at Bicester Heritage. Join up at, or email or call 01869 934525 for more information.