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We at Prospect Brigstock Services Limited pride ourselves on helping businesses owners find alternative routes of finance across all sectors. Our specialism is corporate tax relief. This wears many hats, from Research & Development grants to Capital Allowance claims. R&D Grants are an HMRC UK tax incentive designed to encourage limited companies to invest in innovation. They can offer your business an opportunity to claim back up to 33% of your R&D expenditure as tax credits and cash.

The R&D grant’s have been around for about 20 years helping SME’s get back 33% of their expenditure in cash and tax credits.  Prospect Brigstock Services Limited are not interested in the work of accountants, they are a team of chartered tax advisers specialising in tax advice and benefits.

 We have a 100% success rate in all claims submitted to HMRC and work on a no win no fee basis and our fee is due only on receipt of the benefit from HMRC.

For a company to qualify it needs to achieve two aspects:

  1. Scientific or technological uncertainty – Scientific or technological uncertainty exists when knowledge of whether something is scientifically possible or technologically feasible, or how to achieve it in practice, is not readily available or deducible by a competent professional working in the field. This includes system uncertainty. Scientific or technological uncertainty will often arise from turning something that has already been established as scientifically feasible into a cost-effective, reliable and reproducible process, material, device, product or service. So even if you’re 99.9% sure something will work, you’re still eligible to put in a claim.
  2. An advance in science or technology – Simply put there must be an improvement. Whether that’s in the form of a service or manufacturing of a product. Both are eligible.


Do you qualify?

Most of our clients will say they are NOT eligible and absorb R&D costs because they see the expenditure as day to day running costs of their business. Because of this only a small number of companies are making the most of the R&D tax reliefs available to them. We’ve listed 3 questions to ask yourself below, if you answer yes to any of the below question then you could be eligible.

Did you encounter problems that required unique solutions?

Have you worked on a project that was a challenge to resolve, and could you explain the challenges you faced and how you attempted to overcome them?

Have your designs involved innovative or creative ideas, perhaps around more sustainable, more efficient or durable products?

Client Testimonials

Prospect Brigstock Services Limited made the process of completing the R&D claim quick and easy. Their expertise in the field meant that minimal effort was required on our part through efficient and effective dialogue. We would recommend to anyone seeking to complete an R&D claim to seek guidance and help from PBS as they were pleasure to work with. We will certainly look to use them again in the future!

R&J Simpson –  Engineering Company

“When we were first approach by the PBS team we’d actually already heard of R&D grants and our sister company had already submitted a claim with a PBS competitor. However after speaking with the team we soon realised their approach was very unique. PBS collaborated with our accountants seamlessly and were very efficient in processing our claim. They followed up with HMRC on our behalf and ensured we received the payment directly. Essentially we received a considerable sum with minimal effort thanks to the PBS team.”

Airway LTD – Air Conditioning Installation

“Obviously it’s natural to be cataleptic when someone approaches you and states ‘I can get you money for nothing’, but luckily we engaged with Ria and her team who made the whole R&D process as transparent as possible and a collaborative effort. Through working alongside Ria she’s assisted in pushing the business in the right direction, mitigating corporate tax liabilities and advising in potential reliefs we simply weren’t aware of before. Not only is the teams work impeccable but they also managed to exploit our claim to get us the most back. PBS want to forecast where your business is going and plan how they’re going to help you get there in the smoothest way possible.”

Hutchinson – Construction, Logistics and Engineering


The following video provides a further overview of Prospect Brigstock Services Limited

Prospect Brigstock Services Limited supporting Sixties Touring Car Challenge with U2TC

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